The duality of digital media addiction

I’m not going to have internet access in my room for the next five months. At first this irritated me, as it limited my internet browsing to perhaps one hour per day. I didn’t understand why I had to access the internet so badly though, and soon enough I started seeing this initial problem as healthy. I found it easier to get to sleep on time, I felt more relaxed (or perhaps more complacent), and I felt more connected to my surroundings. I no longer had hundreds of interesting pieces of information constantly buzzing around in my head, and I was no longer fanatically pondering the latest ideas and ventures popping up in various technology industries. 

And that’s when I changed my mind once more. I don’t like the fact that my mind isn’t endlessly processing new innovations and opportunities. Being plugged in, and spending hours browsing the web or listening to the latest tech news podcasts, is what fueled my creativity and gave me my edge. I now understand that I am willing to accept the added stress of consuming copious amounts of digital media for the benefit of keeping my mind sharp and updated. 

Is there a way of having the best of both worlds? You tell me.